Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an appraiser?
Click here to see what the NCAB says

Is it difficult to find work as a trainee?
Many students take the courses without having a supervising appraiser. We do not hear from everyone but we hear from some students that are able to find positions and others who show up years later in CE classes that are working as appraisers. We also know of others who have yet to find positions or have resigned from searching for positions. Taking the courses, paying the fees and becoming a registered trainee is the easiest part of the process & finding a supervising appraiser can be the most difficult.

I want to become an appraiser, what do I do?
You need to take the following classes: Basic Appraisal Principles, Basic Appraisal Procedures, Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use and the 15 hour National USPAP course. You should take these courses from Board approved sponsors. Note: you need to take these classes in consecutive order.

When you begin courses you should start preparing your application and request a criminal record report, which can be found at:

Criminal Record

The Appraisal Board phone number is 919-870-4854

After you complete all courses and the board receives and processes your application you will be granted exam approval. The Board staff will send you information on how to contact the testing site and make reservations for the exam. Note: you schedule the test at your convenience. You are not assigned a test date; you make arrangements around your schedule.

When you pass the state exam, send the NCAB your original test result.

When they receive your test result the Board staff will look to see if you have had a character issue. For those applicants who do not have a character issue, your registered trainee number will be assigned and mailed to you. For those applicants with a character issue, your application must go before the Board for approval. Regardless of the category your application falls into, you will be notified by the Board staff.

Note: once your trainee number has been assigned to you, you are eligible to begin working as a registered trainee.

Why should I take a course from Realetech?

Don is an AQB certified instructor capable of providing all the required courses to become a Registered Trainee in NC. The courses are well thought out and do a good job of preparing you for the Trainee exam and working in an appraisal office. Plus, see all the testimonials on the right side of this page!

How do I go about finding a supervisor?
That is entirely up to you. One way is to network in your community. Talk to appraisers who are friends of yours and friends of your family’s. See if they will agree to become your supervisor. If you don’t know anyone personally, talk to people you do know and see if they know any appraisers and would personally put in a good word about you with them. Use the yellow pages in your phone directory. Look up “appraisers,” find their business and go introduce yourself. Give them a resume and sell your qualities to them. Be persistent and professional and someone will take an interest in helping you succeed.

Where are the courses held?
2520 Delaney Avenue (click for directions)
Wilmington, NC 28403
In the same building as Dr. Ronald E. Robinson, DDS

How much do Trainees make?
It depends. Most trainee positions are performance based, they are generally not salary positions. Our students have reported earning between 30% and 40% of the appraisal fee once they are able to find a position.

How long will it take me to become licensed once I become a trainee?
That varies from trainee to trainee. It depends on how quickly you work and how many hours per week you work. Typically, it takes anywhere from one to two years.

What are the Appraiser Qualifications Criteria?
Click here for a complete rundown of the required criteria:


Did you take a class from Realetech, click here to include your testimonial on the website. Be sure and include your name and when you took a class!! Thanks, Don

I just wanted to let you know that I passed Appraiser Trainee exam! Your informative yet enjoyable instruction style brought the complexities of appraisal down to the practical level instead of just theory. Thank you for being such a great instructor. I highly recommend Realetech to anyone who is interested in entering the world of real estate appraising!

Belinda Jarrard
City of Wilmington

Hey Don & Jeff,
I took and passed the Certified Residential Exam yesterday, first time around (as there were 3 "retakers" at the facility when I took it). Wanted to thank both of you for doing a great job at preparing me for it. Out of all the questions (110) , there was only one I had no clue as to how to figure or answer. That's pretty damn good preparation in my opinion. Thanks again and have a good one!!
Mike Dickson
Don, Thanks to you I passed my exam. Good work.
Steve Lackey
Lincolnton, NC
I passed on my first try!! And it's all thanks to your crammer course and helpful test taking tips!!

Carrie Caudill
Clontz Newkirk Real Estate Group
The Best!
Another Homerun! Kudos to Jeff & Don!
Great Class, Great Instructor This was a most pleasurable experience.
This is an Excellent course that I would recommend to anyone considering the appraisal profession!
Excellent as usual!

Comments from Jeff Siebolds' June G-3 Course
I Passed!!!!!! I want to thank you for your help and to say you are a great instructor.....I guess I will be seeing you in CE was the best day of my life!!

Dale Best
Dear Don,

I took your Crammer class this past March and I took my exam this past Wednesday and I Passed my exam!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy and now I can go to work as soon as I get my number and License from Raleigh.

Thank you, so much for having this class and it was really a great help.

Dorthea Maslo
Don, Thank you for such a professional job.
You kept the class interesting and fun while all along preparing everyone in every way for not only the course R1, R2, R3 and USPAP exams but also you constantly used real life illustrations to help us better understand, remember and eventually apply your illustrations to our own practice.
I have never been in any class where the instructor was so implicitly responsible for encouraging and accomplishing 100% participation by everyone. I don't think there was anyone in the class that did not speak up, ask questions and participate, contributing to the class as a whole. How refreshing you made this experience!!!!
I was also very impressed with the nature and/or degree of importance that you placed on the rules and regulations. You made each student fully understand the importance of being "Independent, Impartial and Objective" when performing any appraisal practice.
If you continue giving to all students what you gifted this class with..... YOU will truly take this profession to a much higher level! Bravo for Mr. Don White and may you continue giving so refreshingly for many years to come!

Doug Kivett
Martha Lee Realty, Holden Beach, NC

Thanks for making a Rules Class very interesting and informative. I understand more now what (My Daughter) was saying (about your classes). You have a way of making the class feel very comfortable with being there and with one another. That adds to the participation and to the learning. Great Job and I look forward to more classes with you and Realetech in the future.......

Freddy Narron
Sunrise Appraisals
Don, Thank you!!!! for a great class. You made it a lot of fun, and I honestly looked forward to going each week. The personal spin you are able to put in the material makes it all the more interesting and realistic............

Teri Brock
Wilmington, NC

Don, I just wanted to let you know you really were the best teacher I have ever had, and I'm not trying to suck up or anything because ya know classes and grading and everything are already over with anyways... But you really do fully understand the material you are teaching and you covered everything that we were tested on including USPAP and you made the class very entertaining and enjoyable. While we were waiting on our results from our USPAP test yesterday, EVERYONE was talking about how great a teacher you were and how much fun you made the class and how much we all learned... we all felt you definitely went above and beyond your "scope of work" ... and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your dedication in helping us all pass...

Thanks again, Ashley Williams
shallotte, NC

Don, Thanks for making the class interesting. I think I mentioned to you that having spent many more hours than I can remember studying FARs I dreaded sitting through 15 hours of USPAP regulations. Your whit, humor and presentation made it more than just bearable even interesting.....Thanks again,

Bob Beck
New bern, NC

Don, Passed my test on the first try. Your syllabus was right on the money. Reviewed my notes and went for it.........99.9 % of it I knew. Plus just thought you'd like to hear that when I started actually working for an appraisal company, the guy told me he was honestly shocked. He said in his 30+ years of appraising he never has had a trainee come in and actually know something besides the answers to the test questions. He said and I quote " glad to know that guy (you) down there is actually teaching people things instead of just getting them past the test".

Mike Dickson , Grandy, NC

I enjoyed your class so much. I was really surprised at how much I learned ... it was more challenging than I expected! Didn't we have such a good group of people?

Thanks so much!
Becky Nelson, Whiteville, NC

I just wanted to write and say thank you for teaching a great class. You made learning the subject matter and understanding it easy with your particular style of teaching. I am much more excited about appraising now than I was a month ago. I'll be sure to reccomend you to anyone who is interested.....................Thank you,

Justin Deese, New Bern, NC

"I attended R-1, R-2, R-3, and USPAP courses at Realetech and I have to say I was quite surprised. Many people think of courses as boring and unnecessary, however, the classes at Realetech are informative, interesting, and even fun. If you are going to take these courses...take them at Realetech. You won't regret it."

James Knott, T.B. Harris, Jr & Associates, Charlotte, NC

"Don White was instrumental in giving me the knowledge and confidence to change careers into the field of appraising. After taking his courses, I was able to pass my exam on my first attempt and obtain a job in commercial appraising within 3 months. Thanks, Don."
Denise West, Klontz Newkirk Real Estate Group, Wilmington, NC

After going the cheaper route and taking some of my classes at a local community college and some with Realetech, I realize just how much more of a quality of education I was getting with Realetech. The classes at Realetech prepared me for my state exam much better than the others. It is definately worth the money.

Chris Noe, GMC Real Estate, Wilmington, NC

"Don's class made the difference." I had tried appraisal classes with another instructor and decided I was not cut out for the appraisal business. A friend suggested Don's class so I decided to try one more time. This time there was no doubt I could do the work, I just needed someone who knew how to teach the material and actually allowed the class to be fun. I am now finishing up my "Trainee" status and look forward to working in this business, and for myself. There are many classes and instructors; I would highly recommend Don White to anyone seriously considering the appraisal profession.
Hamp Thomas-Pinehurst, NC

The appraisal classes I took from Don White were some of the best classes I have ever taken, bar none. Don has a thorough knowledge of the subject and presents the material in a clear and interesting manner. He is an excellent instructor whose professional and ethical principles set a commendably high standard for his students and for the appraisal profession. I highly recommend him.
Jim Bradley, Prudential Carolina Real Estate, Wilmington, NC

I certainly enjoyed the recent course you taught for appraisal continuing education. The course was informative and taught in an open manner that encouraged class interaction and discussion. The time flew by and discussions between students continued through breaks and lunch. Thanks for making the course interesting. I have changed some of my normal procedures because of your course. Keep up the good work---see you next year!!
Charles Hilton, Hilton Auction and Realty, Elizabethtown, NC

I took my appraisal classes ....with Don White in August 2003. The fact that I drove from Asheville, NC to Wilmington for four weekends to take these courses says a lot about how I feel regarding Don as an Instructor.
I found him to be extremely up to date on all laws, rules and changes in the appraisal industry. He covered the basics very well and never minded silly questions from those of us who were insecure about our learning. He is confident, knowledgeable, entertaining and patient.
I have ended up having to take the helm of a company that has 1 certified and 2 licensed appraisers and I have never felt inadequate with being in charge of these people with more experience
than I...........
I highly recommend him to anyone considereing taking the appraisal classes
Janice W. Trantham, Asheville, NC

(Don's) method of instruction is clear, direct and well organized. Elise Rocks
Worsley Real Estate Company Wrightsville Beach, NC

"Don is a very good teacher and made UPSAP interesting!" ...
Nancy Brice, Wilmington, NC

I feel fortunate to have chosen Realetech for my pre-licensing education. Don's intrinsic knowledge of the Appraisal Industry and his high standards became evident in the very first class, and were carried throughout the program. I felt fully prepared for the Registered Trainee exam and I am secure in knowing I can return to Realetech for any upcoming continuing education.
Thanks, Don.

Pam Silberman, Sandpiper Realty, Sunset Beach, NC

I really do appreciate your courses and they have helped me to reach my goals. I give you credit for supplying the educational courses and your style of teaching insures that each student will acheive their goals.
Ralph Barber, Port City Appraisal, Wilmington, NC
Don White's Appraisal Course at was very informative and easy to understand. Though I had no experience in the Real Estate or Appraisal the time the course was over...I felt confident in my knowledge of both and passed the State Exam with no problems. The best part was how Don White made the classes fun and simple so you didn't feel like you were back in school worrying so much about trying to pass a class. Both the environment and teaching skills were enjoyable.
Thanks for your guidance,
Matt Yu, Wilmington, NC

I found (the) class to be both engaging and relevant, which is all a person could ask for from a class. The amount of student participation kept it interesting. The material covered in class was the real "meat & potatoes" from the four text books that were used. If a person wants to learn something well, you go to someone who both knows it well and can communicate it well. The fact that Mr. white keeps it interesting at the same time, is just frosting on the cake.
Jeff Reinke, Beaufort, NC

Don is a professional from top to bottom. His appraisal seminars are
factual, precise, practical and complete. Although there is a tremendous amount of information packed into one of his "multi-weekend courses", it flows in a manner that allows one to absorb it readily. His sense of humor is dry, quick, relentless..........and if you can survive his jokes, the class will be a breeze!

Robin Fassnacht, Clarkton, NC
"A great experience in preparation for the state trainee exam and appraisal requirements. It was a pleasure and extremely beneficial to experience hands-on work and the expertise of the instructor."
Eric Pagnozzi, Wilmington, NC
Did you take a class from Realetech, click here to include your testimonial on the website. Be sure and include your name and when you took a class!! Thanks, Don


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