Phantom 4
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The Phantom 4 carries a 4K HD Camera and a removable 64GB micro SD card. It shoots 4K HD video giving you crystal clear video and smooth slow motion shots. Photos are shot at 14 megapixels.

Drone Shots

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Dock Aerial

As a Commercial rated pilot with multi-engine, instrument and seaplane ratings, I have always had a passion for all things aviation. In years past we used airplanes for aerial photo missions, but things are beginning to change. I have an FAA UAS Pilot Certificate, a North Carolina UAS Operators Permit and offer aerial photos and videos for many uses. A lot of drone video and photography is made illegally. I want to offer an affordable and legal alternative to professionals that are held to high ethical standards. It is important to know that your drone pilot is operating legally with a North Carolina UAS permit and an FAA waiver or Remote Pilot Certificate.


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